Business Immigration Solicitors

Jeary & Lewis offers professional corporate immigration support to businesses in addition to individuals and educational establishments. Our expert team has consistently been ranked as a leader in this area of law thanks to our extensive knowledge.

What do we do?

For us providing a mere outline of options is not enough when dealing with the immigration rules. Because of the increased legal complexity of such matters we have made it a prime directive to ensure our advice covers every aspect. Each client is important to us and this is reflected by us utilising our strong global knowledge, contacts and experience to efficiently solve our clients’ problems. By doing so we focus on remaining proactive and, when necessary, tough and resilient with authorities to carry out our work at a high standard while at the same time remaining within budget and ensuring that we can be contacted by our clients.

As a collective, possessing a wealth of experience, there are few business immigration teams as professional as ours. There is nothing our business immigration team have yet to deal with due to having the knowledge and an in-depth understanding of all of the procedures and workings connected with the UK immigration services, together with all of the legal technicalities associated with immigration law. Our clients are guaranteed to receive the best, most efficient and pragmatic service, thanks to the correct application of our legal and practical skills, tailoring them to the exact needs of every client.

Representing small and medium-sized enterprise’s and start-ups, to multi-national companies and education establishments from all industry backgrounds, our team has received many accolades and general praise for our innovative approach and the high level of personal attention and time that we invest in our clients assisting many professionals globally to secure visas and approvals.

Sponsorship under the new points-based system:

  • Innovator Visa
  • Start-up Visa
  • Skilled Worker Visa
  • Tier 4 students
  • Tier 5 youth mobility and temporary workers.

Jeary & Lewis’ immigration team additionally deals with:

  • Those seeking naturalisation and registration as a British citizen
  • Private Life matters
  • UK visa and entry clearance applications
  • Sole representatives of overseas businesses
  • Indefinite leave to remain and permanent residence
  • UK ancestry
  • Marriage, fiancé/fiancée, civil partnership and unmarried partner applications.
  • Judicial Reviews
  • Appeals

We also act and advise employers who want to hire migrants and help them obtain Sponsor Licences. Additionally we can help with the recruitment process.

Please be advised Jeary & Lewis do not provide Legal Aid.

Issues with Skilled Worker Sponsor Licences:

Upon obtaining a Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence UK employers are required to strictly comply with each aspect of the Sponsorship Guidance:

Failure to adhere to the guidance can have a detrimental effect on the Skilled Worker Sponsor Licences. Any Home Office visits that identify a lack of compliance can lead to potentially various adverse consequences including (but not limited to):

  • Suspension of Skilled Worker Sponsor Licences
  • Revocation of Skilled Worker Sponsor Licences and
  • Downgrading of Skilled Worker Sponsor Licences from A-Rating to B-Rating.

How we can help:

It will be imperative to challenge the above within the requisite strict timeframes that can range from anything between 10 working days to three months to legally challenge them via, for example, Written Representations, Pre-Action Protocol letters or Judicial Review.

Finding yourself in this position as a Skilled Worker Sponsor is a worrying scenario. We can assist you by providing the correct specific legal advice in your case. Simply call us on 0203 475 4321 and we will appoint an experienced member of our team to begin liaising with you on your case.