Administrators – where Will does not appoint executors or there is no Will the court will appoint administrators to deal with the estate

Attestation clause – clause at the end of the Will reciting the requirements for execution of a Will

Bequest/legacy – a gift of personal property or money in a Will

Codicil – a supplemental Will

Devise – a gift of land

Executor – person appointed by Will to get in the assets of the testator, to pay the debts of the testator, and then distribute the assets to those entitled under the Will

Grant of Letters of Administration – grant by the court when there are no Executors. The Grant confers authority on Administrators

Grant of Probate – confirmation by the court that a Will is valid and the appointment of the Executors

Intestacy – no valid Will

Joint tenants or tenants in common – two forms of co-ownership recognised by English Law

Partial Intestacy – there is a Will but it does not dispose of all of the property of the deceased

Pecuniary Legacy – a gift of money

Personal Representatives – collective name for executors and administrators

Residue or residuary estate – a gift of anything left

Specific gift – a gift of assets distinguished from other property

Testator/testatrix – person who makes a Will

Trust – this is where persons are appointed as trustees to hold assets for the benefit of others or possibly themselves

Will – a document intended to take effect on death