Criminal Law Solicitors 

Our Criminal Law Department is all about securing and preserving the freedom and rights of the individual.

In the last decade, the Government has become obsessed with the security of the state, despite losing data and personnel information relating to thousands of members of the public. Individual rights and freedoms, we have taken for granted, are gradually being eroded.

We have a team of experienced Solicitors who will represent you in matters of Criminal Law. Our Defence Solicitors are dedicated to making sure your right to a fair trial is not infringed.

Your case will be prepared by an expert who will guide you through the Criminal Law process. We take on cases that are being heard in Police Stations, Magistrates Courts, the Crown Court and the Court of Appeal.

Legal Aid

You may be entitled to Legal Aid for serious Criminal Law cases. Depending on your circumstances, part or all of your legal costs can be covered by Government funding.

You can get more information and find the forms to apply for Legal Aid from the Legal Services Commission website.


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