F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q. What does a solicitor do at the police station?

A. Your solicitor will protect your rights and ensure you are properly treated. He will discuss your case with you and the strength of the evidence against you in private before your interview with the police. During the interview he will take your account and advise you whether to answer questions or not.

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Q. In an adultery Petition, do I need to name a third party?

A. The Court does not encourage this. If the marriage has broken down then we need to focus on the important issues – financial matters and the arrangements for the children, for example

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Q. How long will my purchase take?

A. This depends on whether you are involved in a long “chain”, or if one party is not in any hurry. Building societies may differ in the speed with which mortgage offers are issued and some parties in the chain may have difficulty in arranging their finance.

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