A Guide to The Magistrates Court, Crown Court and Court of Appeal
Magistrates Courts

All court proceedings will begin in the Magistrates Courts and the greater majority will be completed here too.

We offer advice and representation for many of the offences which come before these courts. If you do, then you may be entitled to free or partial payment of the fees by the Legal Services Commission, however, most motoring offences and less serious criminal offences are not supported by legal aid.

As always we recommend talking to us at the earliest opportunity if you find yourself facing the Magistrates. The sooner you call, the more we can help. The first telephone call to us is free.
Crown Court

More serious offences and appeals from Magistrates Courts are heard in these courts. If you appear before the crown court then you will need our services, both in preparing your case and representing you in the court room.

Members of our team are High Court Advocates and have a great deal of experience in appearing in these courts.

We also have access to specialist Barristers who can make sure you are properly and effectively represented.
Court of Appeal

If you have to appear before this court we can represent you, particularly if there is a difficult fact or point of law to deal with. If you do not qualify for legal aid you can become a Private Client. For not guilty pleas we charge on an hourly rate. For guilty pleas we operate on a fixed rate basis.