Residential Conveyancing

Conveyancing matters approx. take 6-8 weeks

Solicitor – Julie Hambleton

Paralegal – Moira Newell

Additional searches if required on a Purchase

(Dependent on Property the Area in which you are Purchasing)

Local Authority search – Non-Personal (if required by Lender – estimate) £150.00
Legal cost acting on Leasehold property (+VAT) £350.00
If retention is required on a Leasehold Property (+VAT) £100.00
Freehold subject to a Rent Charge/Service Charge (+VAT) £150.00
Coal Mining search (estimate) £35.00
Chancel check (estimate) £24.00
Declaration of Trust (+ VAT) £200.00
Shared Ownership/Help to buy (+VAT) £250.00
Identity Check (estimate) £7.50
New Build Property (+VAT) £250.00
Help to Buy ISA (+VAT) £50.00
Solar Panels (+VAT) £125.00
Indemnity Policy (VAT) £75.00
Additional costs if required on a Sale: Fees
Legal costs if the property is a Shared Ownership (+VAT) £250.00
Legal costs on Leasehold Property (+VAT) £250.00
Legal costs on Freehold subject to an Estate Charge/Service Charge £150.00
Additional costs for redeeming a second charge (+VAT) £50.00
Lawyer Check (Inc. VAT) (if required) £12.00
Identity Check (Inc.VAT) £7.50
Solar Panels (+VAT) £125.00
Indemnity Policy (+VAT) £75.00